tasha bishop

Tasha Bishop is a distressed property expert and worked for San Diego’s largest Loan Modification Company then subsequently at San Diego’s largest Short Sale Company. Tasha thrives to discover how to get you what you NEED and WANT whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate! She can pinpoint your real estate solution with her passion and top of the line loss mitigation expertise. By virtue of having extensive hands-on negotiating experience with loan modifications, short sales, and deed-in-lieu’s her unique qualities are timely and will be a beneficial asset to your financial future!

“I’m capable of strategically positioning your needs and wants with buyer’s, seller’s, agent’s, investor’s, broker’s, attorney’s, and even your lender to create a win-win situation. “

As a professional Realtor, Tasha is committed to guiding you and empowering others to advance your best interest’s when selling your home. Tasha’s unique practices bring value, benefits, and substantial rewards when handling the transfer or sale of your property whether there’s equity, no equity, or needs cosmetic improvement.

She‘s naturally motivated and committed to satisfying the needs and desires for first time, step up, or investor buyers throughout the exciting journey of locating their dream home, because no one should have to compromise when it comes to such a significant investment. Tasha will work vigorously to prospect and establish which homes to schedule for your review based on your request.

Whether you need traditional financing or creative financing because of bad credit, bankruptcy, or foreclosure I am committed to finding the solution that can help you buy even if the banks have turned you down!

With Team Bishop you always get royal service.

Always available for personal service by phone or email, please feel free to contact me directly with questions any time – I love answering questions!